Careers in Green Building: Builders FirstSource

Careers in Green Building

Green Built Alliance is hosting a work-based learning intern from Nesbitt Discovery Academy for the spring semester of 2018. During this time, students are tasked with exploring the fields that interest them the most, and our intern is drawn to career paths related to sustainability. She will be sitting down with numerous members who agreed to have her visit their job site to learn more about their particular line of work.

 Green Built Alliance intern Kathleen Jacobsen visited our members at Builders FirstSource, where she sat down with Sales and Marketing Manager Antonio Grion. 


GBA: What first peaked your interest in this career path?

Antonio: The interesting dynamics about the career in construction in the building industry is that you get to deal with a lot of various aspects of building. It is not the same every day; it is ever-changing and evolving. You get to be a partner of a builder without being on their payroll. So, you can actually partner with them and watch or help them build a good product for a homeowner or for themselves. There is a lot of personal gratification in what I do and it was intriguing to start.

GBA: What is your specialty?

Antonio: Here, it’s a pretty broad spectrum of what we do since we provide building materials. We provide for every aspect from the home foundation up to the roof. We provide a lot of lumber, exterior doors, interior doors, windows, floor systems, roof systems, siding products and much more. So, I’d say our specialty is providing great materials for builders in the area.

GBA: How is your work sustainable for the environment?

Antonio: We try to reduce the amount of waste that is going into a home by providing just enough materials to complete the project. There are also certain product selections that are more sustainable than others. We try to help our clients figure out which products work best for them for their project and budgetary constraints.

GBA: What volume of work do you do each year?

Antonio: To give a number, last year, I sold 3 million dollars’ worth of product.

GBA: Why are you passionate about teaching our community about what you do?

Antonio: Education is knowledge that anyone can have and some people can have misconceptions on certain things. Some people may not have a lot of knowledge but don’t know where to get it. So, I like being a point of contact for either finding the resource or educating them on how this resource is better than another one.

GBA: What do you love most about working here and doing what you do?

Antonio: Oh, it’s the people. We have a wonderful team. And also, my clients because we have this internal team and external team. I have a really good group of builders that I work with who have a passion for what they do because it’s their livelihood. I am excited because I am part of that without having to be on their payroll. Also, the people here are truly here for everyone and it’s a team effort. We all work together fairly well.

GBA: What makes your company stand out?

Antonio: I would have to say that it’s the people that work here that make us different from the rest.  We are a diverse group of professionals that are dedicated to providing our customers the best experience when it comes to building their projects and homes.

GBA: Why are you members of the Green Built Alliance?

Antonio: The sharing of knowledge because not everyone knows what we do. The Green Built Alliance is a resource for people to learn and know more about companies, and it is important to us so that people can have an interest in coming here. The Green Built Alliance is committed to sustainable and green-built homes and that is critical. I think they play a huge role in letting our community know how important a healthy, green-built home really is.

GBA: Why are you passionate about green building and the work of the Green Built Alliance?

Antonio: My passion about green building is that it is a more responsible way to build a product for the people that will live there. Green Built Homes is just a healthier option; not only for the environment but also for the people. The Green Built Alliance provides information about green-built homes and they promote that. They are very important educators that influence our community in a very positive way.