Energy Innovation Task Force

Leaders in our local government, business and nonprofit community are banding together to curb our demand for fossil fuels and create clean energy programs through the Energy Innovation Task Force (EITF).

Energy Innovation Task Force - icon

Members of the task force include representatives from the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, Duke Energy Progress, Green Built Alliance, Sierra Club, Green Opportunities, Mission Hospital, Biltmore Farms, New Belgium Brewing, Buncombe County Tourism Development Association, UNC Asheville, Self-Help Credit Union, Asheville Chamber of Commerce, Sundance Power, Community Action Opportunities, and the Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and Environment.

The goals of the EITF are to:

  1. Avoid the need for an 186MW natural gas peaker plant by 2023. This peaker plant would only be scheduled to be used a few times a year on the coldest winter mornings. Peaker plants are like big jet engines—powerful and inefficient.
  2. Transition Western North Carolina to a cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy future rooted in community collaboration. Through making our homes more energy-efficient and implementing strategies to reduce our demand, we can shift the need for this peaker plant and use this opportunity to steer our community toward that clean energy future.

Based on the work of the EITF and these goals, Green Built Alliance is pursuing the opportunity to implement a low-income weatherization program. We are currently seeking funding for this work. We are partnering with organizations like Energy Savers Network on the development of this program.

If you want to support this effort, please make your home as energy-efficient as possible. There are many programs and technologies to help you do this including incentives from Duke Energy Progress. Conservation behaviors will also help reduce our need for fossil fuels. Only through a community effort can we eliminate the need for this fossil fuel power plant and shift to a clean energy future.

Learn more by reading our 2017 directory article on this topic. For the most updated information on the EITF, including meeting presentations and program recommendations, visit the City of Asheville EITF page.