Steps to Certify a Home

It’s easy!

1. Contact the Green Built Alliance with questions or interest in certifying with Green Built Homes. Email or call 828.254.1995.

2. Join the Green Built Alliance as a Business Member  and receive a discount on each home registration.

3. Review the green built homes checklist and indicate possible points. Complete the New Home Registration Form and pay per home fee

4. Work with a Certified Green Built Homes Rater to review your checklist, perform the Green Built Homes inspections as well as the required HERS rating: Green Built Homes Rater Contact List

6. Schedule an appointment with your Rater to perform the HERS Index modeling.

7.  Schedule inspections with you Rater during construction. At these inspections, the Rater will verify points, perform diagnostic testing as appropriate, and offer suggestions for how to stay on track:

  • At completion of framing and before insulation
  • After insulation and before drywall
  • At the home’s completion

8. Schedule your radon test, submit results to your Energy Rater.

9. Rater will submit paperwork to GBA when complete, and GBA will send you your certified home packet.  Packet includes certificate, electrical box sticker, and information to connect your homeowner with our online homeowner manual.