Government Resources

When building a sustainable future, government agencies are incredible resources that are there to be taken advantage of. This page provides links to government grants, incentives, toolkits, and other programs that help facilitate green building projects.

Online Toolkits for Governments

US Green Building Council State and Local Government Toolkit

Burlington Electric Climate Action Plan – A resource broken down by energy use sector and the opportunities to save energy in each.

Examples of Incentives for Green Building

DSIRE Database – A database of all energy related financial incentives in the country.

Grant Opportunities in North Carolina – Opportunities for grant funding related to energy.

Mobile Source Emissions Grant – Annual grant opportunity to reduce pollution resulting from transportation.

Other Governmental Agencies and Programs

NC State Energy Office – NC’s lead agency for energy programs and services and serves as the official source for energy information and assistance

Energy Star – Government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency

NC Utilities Commission – A regulatory agency whose responsibilities include oversight of the utilities industry in NC

US DOE – US Department of Energy

US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy – US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewables Department