Government Resources

Online Toolkits for Governments

US Green Building Council State and Local Government Toolkit

Burlington Electric Climate Action Plan – A resource broken down by energy use sector and the opportunities to save energy in each.

Examples of Incentives for Green Building

DSIRE Database – A database of all energy related financial incentives in the country.

Grant Opportunities in North Carolina – Opportunities for grant funding related to energy.

Mobile Source Emissions Grant – Annual grant opportunity to reduce pollution resulting from transportation.

Other Governmental Agencies and Programs

NC State Energy Office – NC’s lead agency for energy programs and services and serves as the official source for energy information and assistance

Energy Star – Government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency

NC Utilities Commission – A regulatory agency whose responsibilities include oversight of the utilities industry in NC

US DOE – US Department of Energy

US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy – US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewables Department