Technical Resources

Sustainable Site Development

Erosion Control – Erosion control is important even for home sites of an acre or less.

Water Efficiency

Rainwater Harvesting – Installing a rainwater harvesting system is one way to reduce outdoor water use by collecting water during the rainy season that can be used during droughts.

Save Money and Water! – Improving the efficiency of the ways you use water in your home can save you money as well as help protect a valuable natural resource.

Water Heating Energy – Efficient strategies for supplying hot water in the home.

Energy Efficiency

Air Sealing – Seal air leaks and save energy!

Air Sealing – Technical tips and photos.

Attic Access Fact Sheet – Provide adequate insulation coverage and air sealing for the access between living space and the unconditioned attic.

Brick Pockets – Brick pockets can lead to air leakage and moisture vapor entry into a house.

Cantilevers – Technical tips and photos.

Ceiling Voids – Technical tips and photos.

Shafts and Chases – Technical tips and photos. All shafts and chases that terminate in the attic are a potential source of heat loss and gain.

Duct Systems – Good duct design increases efficiency.

HVAC Facts – The correct size improves comfort and reduces costs, maintenance, and energy use.

HVAC Installation and Sealing – Why duct installation and sealing are important.

Installing Insulation – Technical tips and photos.

Insulating Double Walls – Technical tips and photos.

Insulating Dropped Ceilings – Technical tips and photos.

Pinched Batts – Technical tips and photos.

Proper Duct Sealing – Technical tips and photos.

Soffits – Technical tips and photos.

Tubs and Showers on Exterior Walls – How to prevent air leakage and moisture vapor movement into the exterior walls.

Wall Insulation – Properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated walls help increase comfort, reduce noise, and save on energy costs.

Weather-Resistive Barriers – How to select and install housewrap and other types of weather-resistive barriers.

What is a SEER rating? – How to determine the real efficiency of your cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality

Garage To House Wall – The garage to house wall is a large source of potential air leakage.

Whole-House Ventilations Systems – How to improve the control of air quality.