Technical Resources

There are exciting technological advancements being made in sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency and air quality. Find more information on these continuously evolving methods and materials on this page.

Sustainable Site Development

Erosion Control – Erosion control is important even for home sites of an acre or less.

Water Efficiency

Rainwater Harvesting – Installing a rainwater harvesting system is one way to reduce outdoor water use by collecting water during the rainy season that can be used during droughts.

Save Money and Water! – Improving the efficiency of the ways you use water in your home can save you money as well as help protect a valuable natural resource.

Water Heating Energy – Efficient strategies for supplying hot water in the home.

Energy Efficiency

Air Sealing – Seal air leaks and save energy!

Air Sealing – Technical tips and photos.

Attic Access Fact Sheet – Provide adequate insulation coverage and air sealing for the access between living space and the unconditioned attic.

Brick Pockets – Brick pockets can lead to air leakage and moisture vapor entry into a house.

Cantilevers – Technical tips and photos.

Ceiling Voids – Technical tips and photos.

Shafts and Chases – Technical tips and photos. All shafts and chases that terminate in the attic are a potential source of heat loss and gain.

Duct Systems – Good duct design increases efficiency.

HVAC Facts – The correct size improves comfort and reduces costs, maintenance, and energy use.

HVAC Installation and Sealing – Why duct installation and sealing are important.

Installing Insulation – Technical tips and photos.

Insulating Double Walls – Technical tips and photos.

Insulating Dropped Ceilings – Technical tips and photos.

Pinched Batts – Technical tips and photos.

Proper Duct Sealing – Technical tips and photos.

Soffits – Technical tips and photos.

Tubs and Showers on Exterior Walls – How to prevent air leakage and moisture vapor movement into the exterior walls.

Wall Insulation – Properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated walls help increase comfort, reduce noise, and save on energy costs.

Weather-Resistive Barriers – How to select and install housewrap and other types of weather-resistive barriers.

What is a SEER rating? – How to determine the real efficiency of your cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality

Garage To House Wall – The garage to house wall is a large source of potential air leakage.

Whole-House Ventilations Systems – How to improve the control of air quality.