Education on Sustainability

Sustainable building begins with educating ourselves and our communities on the importance of transforming the building industry throughout Western North Carolina and beyond. This page provides web-based and curriculum education resources for building a sustainable future.

Web-Based Education

Green Built Alliance & AB Tech GIST- Educational Videos – This comprehensive website has been created as a partnership between Green Built Alliance and AB Tech GIST to store video content for the best practices in green building to be used as an educational resource for homeowners, building professionals and students.

Green Builder Media’s video series – Some great videos on a variety of green building materials and technologies.

Southface Energy Institute’s online training – These online courses represent cutting-edge trends and best practices for sustainable design and construction.

USGBC Webinars – Live and archived webinars of USGBC and LEED-related course material.

Sustainable Community Development Certificate Program at Colorado State – A program to enhance your ability to empower people through sustainable community development with this highly flexible certificate program. The program, offered through Village Earth, uses a multi-sector, participatory approach to learning.

Energy Webinars – Free archived recordings of Energy Star Webinars

Sustainability Webinars, Video, How Renewable Energy Credits Work, Carbon Offsets, Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Green Meetings – Renewable-Energy Choice Sustainability Webinars

Green Building Guide – Home-and-garden website Quiet Hut has compiled this guide including an overview of green building and a list of other relevant educational resources available online.

Curriculum Education

Green Built Continuing Education Courses (for Green Builders & Homeowners)

Green Opportunities – offering pathways into WNC’s Green Economy

Guide to Universities with Environment Sciences Degree Programs.

Hands-on Education

Boots on the Roof – A hands-on solar training and installation school.