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Green Built Homes, originally known as Healthy Built Homes, is North Carolina’s home grown comprehensive green building certification program that was created by the North Carolina state energy office in 2001 and administered by the non profit Green Built Alliance in Asheville, NC. Green Built Homes use building-science backed guidelines, a streamlined paperwork process, and third party inspection and testing to deliver homes with verified benefits for the environment. This program is meant to help NC builders and homeowners support sustainable building practices, resulting in healthier indoor air quality, financial savings, resource-use reduction and a better environment for the future. We are pleased to present each participant with a certificate and decal for the electrical panel of the Green Built Home to help celebrate the achievement. Learn more about the Importance of Green Building »

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What is a Net Zero Energy Home?

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A Net Zero Energy home is capable of producing as much energy on an annual basis as it consumes. This requires a HERS Score of ≤15 (85% more energy efficient than a standard code built home). Design and engineering usually involve energy-efficient technology combined with renewable energy sources.

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A Net Zero Ready home is a high-performance home that is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system could offset most or all the home’s annual energy use. This requires a HERS Score of ≤55 (45% more energy efficient than a standard code built home) AND capable of having power generation installed to meet the energy use of the house.

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Why choose Green Built Homes?

There are many green building certification programs to choose from so why should you choose Green Built Homes over other options?

Proven Benefits

Green Built Homes prerequisites highlight the most impactful and critical building science concerns and benefits for homeowners and the environment, aligning us well with national programs like Energy Star for Homes. In fact, Energy Star is only one prerequisite.


The GBH points system layers on top of that base a comprehensive view of green building–requiring some points in categories ranging from sustainable sites to sustainable materials–yet offers flexibility in choosing which measures are right for your projects.


The GBH checklist is simple, streamlined, and easy to use. No binders full of complicated paperwork needed, but the energy and water savings and comfort improvements are real.


Green Built Homes was developed in North Carolina with an eye toward the typical residential process in a typical NC climate.

How do other green building programs work with Green Built Homes Certification?

A home that qualifies for other green building programs (like below) will receive credit within our Green Built Homes program too! If you want to learn more about these other programs, check out our Residential Green Certification Program Guide.

Energy Star logo

Energy Star Homes

Certification meets a GBH prerequisite, and would likely earn Certified level.

Indoor Air Plus logo

Indoor Air Plus

Earns 10 points and may contribute to certification levels reaching Silver.

Water Sense

Would earn points in the water section and may contribute to certification levels reaching Silver.

Zero Energy Ready Home

Earns 8 points and helps reach standards for Gold level. 

LEED for Homes Program - logo

LEED for Homes/NGBS

Variable. Also a point-based system, with similar levels. The GBH paperwork process is simpler and faster.

phius certification logo


Achieves Platinum in our rating system.

A few of our beautiful certified Green Built Homes

Where are the Green Built Homes?

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