Green Building Directory 2021 2022

The Green Building Directory has been the primary tool for education, outreach and expanding the green building industry in this region for the past decade and a half. The directory provides a free, non-biased resource of the latest information on green building for both the general public and building professionals. The directory content spans the range from technical fact sheets to case studies that focus on affordable green homes and buildings.

Green Building is a collective effort that reflects on the success of all of the builders in our region who have committed to the Green Built Homes standard and the sustainability of our community. Our goal is to always have a net-positive impact on the environment, so we are committed to community-wide sustainability and green standards in everything we do. Are you ready to take the next step with us and make your home or building more sustainable?

For those of you ready to take that next step and either build a new green home or convert your existing home to comply with sustainable green practices, these business listings will connect you with many outstanding local companies that are putting their best foot forward to make our local community greener.

All businesses listed must meet minimum criteria to be listed in this specific categories in this guide. The contents of this directory are approved by the Green Built Alliance Board of Directors and are intended for informational purposes only. The Green Built Alliance does not endorse or recommend the products or services related to the businesses and organizations presented in the directory.

Select a category or member level below to view contact and detailed information about each of our participating members.

The cover of this year’s directory shows the home of Robin Cape and Bruce Kelly, who converted this 1977 ranch into a low-energy, high-performance homestead.