Alternative + Natural Building

Deltec Homes is an award-winning prefabricated homebuilder. Offering round, traditional and modern styles, our homes are best known for energy efficiency, flexible floor plans and durability. We also offer a line of pre-designed net-zero homes. We pride ourselves on manufacturing homes sustainably in a facility powered with 100% renewable energy.
Our Business involves developing responsible homes on a site where the trees are considered very important assets to this planet. Love your new green home!
We've been a leader in traditional and contemporary timber frame and SIPS panel design and construction for more than 20 years, with many high-profile projects completed throughout the Eastern United States. We strive to ensure that the second life of the tree be as dignified as the first.
Jade Mountain Builders is a team of 31 Craftsmen who pride themselves on taking an ecologically sensitive approach to building homes.
We offer quality and craftsmanship in the building of green and energy-efficient homes. We offer design and build services for fully customized homes, and experience with a range of architectural styles and sizes. From start to finish, weÍll work closely with you to make your dream home become a reality.

Hewn Inc

Gold Membership
Hewn Inc. is a full service residential and commercial renovation and construction company serving the Asheville area. We design and create homes that are comfortable, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. We love working with recycled, local and re-purposed materials to create spaces that are unique, functional and more ecologically appropriate.