Save Energy

Installing Solar Panels

Saving energy means saving money and the planet.

Saving energy to help the climate and reduce your bills doesn’t have to impact the comfort in your home.

What can you do to save energy?

Learn About Home Energy Savings

These Household Electrification Incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are available to American homeowners and renters in the form of Tax Credits or Discounts.

Learn About Energy Efficiency Tax Credits for All

In order to help transition to clean energy there are IRA energy tax credits available for homeowners, builders, businesses, and commercial buildings on both the city, state, and federal levels.

Access Solar with Group Purchasing

Solarize campaigns utilize group-purchasing to bring solar into communities. The more people who sign up, the more everyone saves solar power. This campaign is returning to Buncombe County in 2024. Stay tuned!

Save Energy at Home

Access resources to save energy, be comfortable in your home, and help the climate with Buncombe County’s community-led renewable energy initiative.

Save Energy at Work

Waste Reduction Partners offers free commercial energy assessments with advice you can take right away to make a difference in your business.

Apply for Free Weatherization Services

Energy Savers Network provides home upgrades that reduce energy costs and improve comfort for income-qualified households in Buncombe County.