Case Studies

Here are some green homes right here in WNC that exemplify the building standards we strive for at Green Built Alliance. Picture yourself in one of these beautiful green homes today! More resources for this category are located in the Case Studies Blog category page:

Case Study of a High-Efficiency Home – Habitat for Humanity in Massachusetts designed and built a super high-efficiency home and analyzed lessons learned.

Green Built Homes

Osada Construction
Asheville, NC

Beach Builders
Asheville, NC

Jade Mountain Builders
Asheville, NC

Renewable Energy/Off The Grid Homes

Boniske Residence
Asheville, NC

Cady / Guyton
Asheville, NC

Horne / Dixon Residence
Fletcher, NC

Steve Arpin House
Asheville, NC

Twisting Oaks Manor
Fairview, NC

Natural Building Homes

Dancing Dragonfly Pottery Studio
Alexander, NC

Bixby Cottage
Asheville, NC

Green Commercial/Other Buildings