Green Built Homes

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Green Built Homes is North Carolina’s home grown comprehensive green building certification.  Green Built Homes use building-science backed guidelines, a streamlined paperwork process, and third party inspection and testing to deliver homes with verified benefits for the environment.

Our homes have a major role to play in our climate and energy future, and as a community we know how to build energy efficient, climate smart, beautiful and sustainable homes.  Green Built Homes harnesses that knowledge into a verifiable standard.

Multiple levels of certification are available (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Net Zero Ready, Net Zero Energy and Regenerative), ensuring that the program is available to all budgets and experience levels. Homes earn additional points to attain each certification level and in doing so demonstrate that they have exceeded market-level to a significant degree.  We have programs for single family homes, multi family buildings, and entire communities.

Certified Green Built Homes Offer:

  • energy savings
  • water savings
  • third party verification and quality assurance
  • healthier indoor air and improved occupant comfort
  • access to green building rebates and incentives

While also encouraging:

  • climate-conscious building
  • environmentally friendly construction techniques and products

Our program is perfect for NC builders and homeowners seeking the distinction of building science backed third party verification.

Our technical staff have decades of building science experience and can offer design review for builders or homeowners interested in single family or multi family certification.