Checklist + Program Documents

Single Family Checklist

The Green Built Homes Checklist (an excel xls file) contains all of the program requirements.  All homes must fill out and submit a GBH checklist, verified by a certified Green Built Homes Rater.  The latest version:

Green Built Homes v3 Checklist (Rev 3)

The checklist contains pathways to certification under the main program, it also contains pathways to earn our sub-designations of Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Ready, Net Zero Water, and Regenerative.

Multi Family Checklist

We are now rolling out our multi family checklist, for projects larger than duplexes or triplexes.  All multi family projects must fill out and submit a multi family checklist, verified by a certified Green Built Homes Rater.  View the current version:

Green Built Homes V3 Multifamily Checklist (Rev 1)

Registration Information

All Green Built Homes must register with the Green Built Alliance. Single family registration fees are $275 per home for Green Built Alliance members, $375 per home for non-members, and registration fees support our program.  For multi family registration fees, contact Green Built Alliance. Anyone who has registered a home may request a design review.

Online Registration Form

All Green Built Homes must use a third party Energy Rater, certified through the Green Built Alliance, to oversee the paperwork, verify that requirements have been met, and perform the required diagnostics testing and energy modeling through the HERS Index.

Green Built Homes Rater Contact List

Resource Documents

Steps to Certification

Printable Homeowner Benefits

Printable Builder Benefits

Energy Star Version 3.0 Guidelines

Energy Star Version 3.0 Training Resources and Guidebooks

Sample Subcontractor Checklists

RESNET Energy Smart Builder Info

Builder Terms and Conditions

Green Built Homeowner Resource Guide

Basics of Green Built Homes Video