Energy Efficiency & Air Sealing

There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. This page provides information on general energy-efficiency measures and air sealing that can reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your energy bills. Other energy-efficiency categories you can check out are Appliances & Lighting resource page, Building Envelope resource page which covers windows and insulation, and our Case Studies page that covers examples of energy-efficient homes. More resources for this category are located throughout the Green Built Homes Certification Levels page — specifically under Phases 3-6 as well as our Energy Efficiency & Air Sealing Blog category page:

HomeEnergyNC – A free resource for “all things home energy in North Carolina” provided by the North Carolina Building Performance Association.

Energy Federation Incorporated – Through the distribution of resource-conserving products and the provision of objective, accurate information, EFI strives to assist people in their efforts to use energy and water efficiently.

Home Energy Magazine – A cutting-edge nonprofit publication that disseminates objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability.

Top Ten Ways to Save Energy – List compiled by the Green Built Alliance of the top ten easy and inexpensive ways to save energy in your home or apartment.

Pyramid of Conservation – A graphic illustration of conservation measures from easiest to hardest from Minnesota Power.

Passive Housing – This infographic illustrates the concept of passive housing.

Living in a Tiny House – The infographic shares some interesting stats about life in a tiny house.

Air Sealing – Technology fact sheet for Air Sealing to seal air leaks and save energy!

Air Sealing – Advanced energy tech tips and photos for Air Sealing.

Garage To House Wall – The garage to house wall is a large source of potential air leakage.

Attic Access – Technology fact sheet to provide adequate insulation coverage and air sealing for the access between the living space and the unconditioned attic.

Brick Pockets – Brick pockets can lead to air leakage and moisture vapor entry into a house.

Cantilevers – Technical tips and photos.

Ceiling Voids – Technical tips and photos.

Shafts and Chases – Technical tips and photos. All shafts and chases that terminate in the attic are a potential source of heat loss and gain.

Duct Systems –  Technology fact sheet for air distribution system design to increase efficiency.

Air Distribution System Installation and Sealing – Technology fact sheet- Proper duct installation increases efficiency.

Proper Duct Sealing – Technical tips and photos.

Soffits – Technical tips and photos.

Tubs and Showers on Exterior Walls – How to prevent air leakage and moisture vapor movement into the exterior walls.