New Name, Website and Look; Same Commitment to Community

The launch of this new website also marks a fresh chapter for our organization. With gratitude for the legacy of the WNC Green Building Council, we look ahead to the future with excitement as our nonprofit grows and rebrands as Green Built Alliance.

This new chapter finds us partnering on new projects and charting a collaborative path for a clean-energy future for our region, while remaining focused on advancing our home certification programs and serving our members well.

Green Built Alliance Logo Including Tagline

Because we have established good name recognition and a positive reputation in the community since our inception in 2001, some may ask why we are changing our name after 16 years.

In 2016, we worked with WNC Nonprofit Pathways to gain insight on ways to improve our organization. Their main suggestion was to change our name as part of a larger effort to improve our branding and marketing of who we are and what we do. Supported by a small grant from the Community Foundation of WNC and the expertise of consulting firm Design One, we received the recommendation to become Green Built Alliance.

After months of introspection, we brought this new name to a vote by our Board of Directors as well as our full membership in the spring of 2017, and both enthusiastically approved.

With its origin in the name of one of our core programs, we believe this new name reflects not only where we have been as an organization but also where we hope to go in the future, representing both the solid roots of our nonprofit as well as the potential for new growth and expansion moving ahead.

With a federal government hostile to the environment, it is more important than ever that we take action on the local and regional level to advance the sustainable path we all need. Through our alliance of connected members, businesses, local government and community nonprofits, we are helping shape the building practices and clean energy future of our region.

While our mission remains the same as Green Built Alliance, we are excited to explore new opportunities for collaboration with our valued members and connection with the broader community.

In conjunction with the rebranding, we are launching our new website at and renaming our flagship Green Built NC program to “Green Built Homes.”

As a membership-supported nonprofit organization, we are here to serve the community thanks to the continued support of our business and individual members. We hope you find this website and all the services we offer to be a valuable contribution to our community.