Balancing Nature and Technology: Harmonizing Electro and Geopathic Stress

The United States Green Building Council’s Vision as stated on their website is very inspiring, “buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation.”  In the Council’s Strategic Plan for 2013-2015, USGBC commits to “focusing on opportunities to improve the energy and environmental performance of existing buildings, including a more focused approach to human health.” In addition, one of the Council’s chosen guiding principles is to “reconcile humanity with Nature: USGBC will endeavor to create and restore harmony between human activities and natural systems.”

Perhaps we can be inspired by taking a look at the “green movement” in countries around the world who are now including the mitigation of Geopathic and Electro Stress in built environments to significantly raise vitality levels.

Geopathic Stress is not new. It’s been known about at least since the 1920’s when German scientist-dowsers started documenting ‘Krebshausen’ – houses with an unusually high incidence of cancer cases that they discovered were situated over geological fault lines.

Geopathic Stress describes changes in the natural geomagnetic field of the earth caused by fault lines, mineral deposits, underground water flows, quarries, mine workings or other features.  In very basic terms, the entire earth is threaded with invisible geo-electro- magnetic field lines, appearing every 6-8 feet and forming a grid all over the planet. These rise up through the earth and can be compared to the meridian lines of a human body. These earth rays can become positive power centers or they can have a significant negative effect on our health and well-being.

Many studies have been conducted in Europe. These studies indicate common signs of Geopathic Stress to include chronic fatigue, restless sleep, migraine, cancer, arthritis and rheumatism, miscarriage, nervous, emotional, and relationship problems, ADD, hyperactivity, sudden infant death syndrome, etc. Technopathic Stress is a new term referring to a more recent phenomenon caused by our modern love affair with gadgets and wireless technology. Many symptoms are similar to those of Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress and are considered by many to be part of the overall environmental picture throughout Europe.  Electro Pollution has been called the silent killer of the modern age. Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons and transformers to cope with our increased use of electricity, but our bodies and all other living systems have to endure increased Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from computers, broadband, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, televisions, cell phone towers, vehicle navigation systems, etc.

In 2010, an article written by Michael Segell in Prevention Magazine documented health challenges students and teachers were experiencing in a new and technologically advanced “green” school building in La Quinta, California.  In 1990, after the city of La Quinta, California, opened its doors of the new middle school, teachers started developing symptoms. By 2005, 16 staffers had been diagnosed with 18 cancers and about a dozen cancers were detected among former students, of which a couple of them died.

Sam Milham, MD a widely traveled epidemiologist who had investigated hundreds of environmental and occupational illnesses, discovered that in some classrooms, he found surges of transient electro pollution exceeded his meter’s ability to gauge them. The final analysis reported in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine stated, “Cumulative exposure to transients in the school increased the likelihood a teacher would develop cancer by 64 percent. A single year of working in the building raised the risk by 21 percent. The teachers’ chances of developing melanoma, thyroid cancer, and uterine cancer were particularly high – as great as 13 times the average. The risks for young students were probably even greater.

In the UK, Sick Building Syndrome is considered to mainly be caused by Geopathic and Electro Stressed buildings. It is common knowledge that these misaligned electro-magnetic energies cause a high rate of absenteeism and in farm buildings, a higher death rate among animals. Also, throughout Europe, many medical doctors and therapists now confirm that any Geopathic or Electro Stress must be cleared before treatment can be 100% successful.

What can we do about it?

The traditional fix for Geopathic and Electro Stress that most European geo-biologists and dowsers adopt is to apply techniques of earth acupuncture – using metal rods or other devices – at nodal points to rebalance the energetic matrix surrounding the property. High-tech proprietary devices for reducing or neutralizing Geopathic and Electro Stress can be purchased for installation inside homes and offices. These products are not a substitute for optimal wiring in a building.

Many products, when applied, can be beneficial but not sufficient to neutralize or harmonize these imbalances. It is important to recognize that some products block, some products absorb and some products transform. Products that block can send the problem somewhere else. Products that absorb can get saturated over time. Products that transform may or may not be permanent. Baseline testing is important. Electrical currents affect the Geopathic energy meridians and they end up forming one energy system just like tuning forks going into resonance with each other. In order to balance a building both need to be addressed.

After the environment is treated, follow-up testing is necessary to evaluate the immediate results. Annual testing is recommended because our environment is an open energy system and is ever-changing. Our planet is spinning through space and everything is in a constant state of reaching homeostasis. Raising the vitality level within our buildings by harmonizing Electro and Geopathic Stress is valid and a valuable asset to all living systems, from trees to bees to humans. This process is already being utilized around the world and is a great tool to add to our current green building checklist.  Truly, the health of our buildings is determined by the quality of life existing within and around them.

Tika Vales Caldwell is a nationally respected designer and environmental energy balancing specialist. Tika and her husband, Richard Spalding Caldwell, an award-winning commercial and residential architect, combine their professions of environmental energy balancing and architecture for well-being as Living Design Consultants. They are both Vesica Institute trained in Advanced Biogeometry, Creating a New Science of Earth Healing and Holistic Healthy Homes.

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