Green Built Homes Updates + New Professional Accreditation

While codes have changed and technologies have advanced in the two decades since our inception in 2001, Green Built Alliance has continually evolved to encourage positive changes in the building industry and highlight opportunities to advance sustainability.

As we mark the start of our 20th anniversary year, we officially roll out Green Built Homes Version 3.0, updated and revised to stay current with changing building codes and increase simplicity for participants. Homes registered after January 1, 2021 will be required to use the new checklist.

The residential certification program is now leaner and greener. Many items that are now standard construction practices have been removed from our checklist, while we have added opportunities to gain points for new technologies.

The sections have been overhauled to be more streamlined and organized. The point system and levels have been adjusted to reflect the changes.

Thanks to funding from the Kendeda Foundation, the program now places more emphasis on regenerative elements, including the addition of a Net Zero Water Ready Certification and a pilot Regenerative Certification. For easy reference, all items considered regenerative are highlighted in green across the checklist.

Two New Prerequisites:

  • Baths with showers must be tested to exhaust 50 CFM intermittent or 20 CFM continuous
  • CFL or LED light bulbs must be installed in 75 percent of lamps in permanent lighting fixtures (consistent with code)

Please review the new version of the Green Built Homes checklist and contact us or your rater to discuss how it will affect your future projects!

In tandem with the new checklist, our nonprofit is also introducing the Regenerative Professional Accreditation credential that acknowledges a deep, evolving competency in advanced green-building best practices. It is our hope that this accreditation program will not only support our builders in deepening their knowledge, but also increase participation in our new Regenerative and Net-Zero Water certifications.

Watch for the February newsletter for the release of our schedule for the first half of this year of continuing-education courses, including a variety of classes eligible for credit as part of the RPA curriculum.