No excuses things you can do for the environment


I’m often asked to give talks about what people can do to help the environment.  And afterward, I often get feedback about why people can’t do things:  they don’t have south facing roof for solar, they don’t have money for a big home efficiency renovation, they’re renting so they can’t make changes….

For a recent talk at the WENOCA Sierra Club, I developed my “no excuses” list of things you can do.  Just print this out and check them off.  The money you get for participating in Duke Energy Progress’s EnergyWise home program will pay for most (if not all) of the other items on my list.  No technical expertise is required – a teenager could do most of these things.  Renters may not be able to do all of them, but they can do at least half.

This list really is the least you can do for the environment.  And it really does matter.  If you do all of them, it could be comparable to taking a car off the road in terms of environmental impact.  So print this out and get started.


Copyright 2016. Amy Musser