Five Simple Ways to Support Green Building This Giving Season

Nonprofit news
After the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and the frenzied online deal-grabbing of Cyber Monday, comes #GivingTuesday: a one-day annual movement to support charitable giving. We know there are many worthy nonprofits vying for your patronage this season, and deeply appreciate your ongoing support of Green Built Alliance’s mission of advancing...


Reducing Energy Waste in the Bedroom

Guest Bloggers
Your bedroom may not be the first place you think of to reduce energy waste in your home. After all, there's much more potential for waste in kitchens, bathrooms, even your living room. But your bedroom still plays a part in your overall energy consumption, and making smart choices where...


Residential Green Certification Program Guide

Green Built Homes
By now you’ve watched me argue against the common reasons people fail to seek green certification on their home, and you’ve read my follow-up detailing common problems that can happen in homes that don’t bother to certify.  Intrigued, hopefully you’ve then gotten a better understanding of the process of getting...


The Importance of Building Science

Leigha Dickens
If you’ve made it to this blog, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about green building, or about its components:  energy efficiency, air quality, material sustainability or building durability. But have you heard about an umbrella term that encompasses many of these topics, the interdisciplinary study of building...